‘The IV’ debut episode on MP3

A few folks have asked so…here it be:  Our Summerslam predictions on MP3

The IV debut episode 8-13-11 (right click save as to download)


Hello again Wrestling fans!

I know its been a while since you’ve seen anything new from the world of RetroWrestling.net , although we’ve been busy with our YouTube page and new Podcast show. Look for this to be the official home of our new Podcast ‘The IV’ ! HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA…BALLABOGG!!!

Wrestlemania Retrospective – Wrestlemania (1985)

WWE / WWF DVD unboxing

WWE DVD Unboxing!

Matt Hardy responds…intoxicated!

For anybody curious as to why Matt Hardy v.1 was told to leave the tour in the UK…watching this video just might scratch the surface!

Recent Wrestling DVD pickups 9-6-10