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2 Responses to Forum

  1. Christopher "Crater" Prater says:

    Fields I would like to work in:
    Obscure Wrestlers

  2. adam mahlin says:

    i would like to work in the ecw and/or shoot field if at all possible.
    p.s. i have all the ecw and smw *smokey* seasons i could make you copies of if interested.
    i also have a box of the new ecw-wwe version
    and tna
    tv tapings on dvd-r
    that i want to give away for someone who would want them, cherish them, and love them haha.
    seriously, if it doesnt cost much to ship them it’s fine with me, or would trade for petty meaningless crap that i could laugh at or any other copies of wrestling dvd-s or movies.
    also check out
    i used to trade on there, havent done much lately,
    but most of the people are really nice and there’s lots of season sets and ppv’s
    and fan cam’s….too much to list.
    ok i’ll shut up.
    take care,

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