Why TNA Hardcore Justice is lame…and ECW will never DIE!

This weekend TNA brings us Hardcore Justice…yet another lame attempt to cash in on the popularity of ECW, which was last popular back in 1999 before it died a slow two year death. ECW was in my opinion the company that changed wrestling forever in the 1990’s. I know a lot of higher-ups would like to think THEY were the ones that created the Attitude era but NO NO NO .

I remember in high school first hearing about ECW from a few fellow hillbilly rasslin’ fans who caught it on DirecTV, which at the time if you had the sports package would get you a lot of local sports affiliates from all over the country, back when The Sunshine Network and the MSG network were still around. Late night on weekends at various times these channels would air ECW. It wasn’t until November of 1996 that our family got into DirecTV but from that very first weekend onward I was hooked on Extreme Championship Wrestling. From ‘The Human Suplex Machine’ Taz, to ‘The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal’ Sabu…to even the fucking Blue World Order. I loved every second of it, and continued to watch until the company went out in 2001.

In my opinion the peak years of the company were from 1996 to 1999, then more and more of the talented performers in the company would leave one by one. The last year of the company from 2000 to 2001 was kind of disheartening to watch, as I remember attending my final live ECW show in February of 2000 less than a year before the company’s last ppv event in 2001. The show was pretty much awful, which is a hard thing for me to say since my favorite live wrestling show of all time was in 1998 at the ECW Heatwave pay-per-view.

Over the years the ECW brand has been revived time and again, we all remember the stupid Invasion angle…or do we? Stephanie McMahon supposedly owned Extreme Championship Wrestling for a while … The WWE did do a couple of amazing One Night Stand shows in 2005 and 2006 that really captured the spirit of the classic ECW, and treated the wrestling fans to some entertaining matches.

So now we fast forward to August 8th 2010 in Orlando Florida…It’s Total Non-Stop Action (TNA…the shittiest federation name in history) attempting to make a quick buck once more with Hardcore Justice, a show that features 100% classic ECW stars for ONE NIGHT ONLY. Most of these guys today in 2010 have no business in a wrestling ring, let alone live on pay-per-view. Tommy Dreamer stated that he had closure in 2005 at One Night Stand but now…wants one more night? Really? Do you really want to see a bunch of broken down, old men…most of which weren’t that good in their heyday let along 15 years later?

TNA Wrestling is one of the most embarrassing excuses for a wrestling promotion in the history of professional wrestling. What they’re doing is as if in 1998…the WWE Attitude era was invaded by Pedro Morales, Rocky Johnson and SD Jones. It would be a complete JOKE…which it is. TNA’s legacy once its dead (which probably won’t be that long from now) is a promotion that at one time had some of the most talented in ring workers that could have created something new, unique and different but who’s retarded owner (Dixie ‘Doodley Doo’ Carter) chose to sign and do business with 50-60 year old veterans who continuously brought their ratings, ppv buy-rates and live attendance further and further down.

ECW was a great promotion, I’ll always hold a special place in my heart for the company…however I’ve let ECW go, its gone and is never coming back no matter what TNA or WWE tries to tell you.  Lets let our memory of the classic ECW era live forever, and tell that dumb cunt Dixie Carter to sell TNA to someone who can make something of it again.

PS: I always thought Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney were drugged up pieces of shit.


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