Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

Theres a handful of guys that over the years have had jobs for lengthy periods of times, however have never been over at all.  Names that come to mind are Mark Henry, Big Daddy V, Bob ‘Don’t Call Me Sparky Plugg’ Holly, and even Jeff Jarrett.  A tag team you can add to the mix is Ron and Don Harris aka The Harris Brothers, Jacob & Eli Blu, The Bruise Brothers, Big Ron and Heavy D…whatever you call them.  They fucking suck! The first time I remember seeing them was in the 1990’s in Smokey Mountain Wrestling…basically doing early era garbage matches which were okay I guess…Then I remember the awful biker faction of DOA (Disciples Of Apocalypse) which consisted of Brian Lee, Crush and both Harris’s.  Shortly after that the awful duo had jobs in WCW as Creative Control, or simply The Harris Brothers.  For years they simply just stood around, punched people and that was it.  Their most recent stint was in TNA Wrestling in 2005…as The Disciples of Destruction.  So for dipping our eyes in shit for so many years Ron…and Don Harris or whatever you’re currently called you are this week’s CRAPTASTIC Tag Team!! FUCK YOU!


One Response to Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

  1. Double T the legally blind referee says:

    Bob Holly was over,when he was teaming up with Crash.

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