Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

 I know its been a couple of weeks since my last Craptastic Tag Team…however this particular tag team is crappy enough for to make up for last week’s miss. If you sneezed in 1995/96 you may have missed these two losers composed of Troy (Erik Watts) and Travis (Chad Fortune) They were known as Tekno Team 2000. The duo came to the ring in futuristic silver ring attire to the tune of a ‘techno’ beat. After intense battles with Barry Horowitz and Mantaur the group quickly left WWF in 1995 with a brief return in the summer of 1996. After their release that year the duo disbanded and competed as singles wrestlers and have reunited the team in Japan and Dusty Rhodes’ Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling in 2000. However never fully reuniting as ‘Tekno Team 2000’. While Troy and Travis never won the world tag titles I award them with the prestigious Craptastic Tag Team of the Week!


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