WCW Jobber Of The Week

Hammer & Lodi

Since I missed last week’s entry, I’ll do 2 entries this week. So I figured it was time we started talking about The Flock and their essential jobbers, Lodi and Van Hammer. Let’s start with Lodi. Who didn’t love this guy? He had hilarious signs week after week, during the late 90’s he was the best Billy Idol look alike, and he was constantly abused by Raven. If the abuse from Raven wasn’t enough, the guy couldn’t win a match, at least I don’t remember him scoring a win in singles competition. He might have won when he formed a tag team with Lenny Lane later on in 2000 or whenever it was.
lenny & lodi
I had kinda lost interest in WCW by then.

Now on to Van Hammer. I honestly have no memory of this guy before he joined The Flock. But apparently he was some kind of hippie/rockstar gimmick wrestler?
Whatever. But seriously this dude sucks. I hated this guy almost as much as I hated Steve “Mongo” McMichael. So yea, not much to say about him. He was also a member of the idiotic Misfits In Action stable. EPIC FAIL.


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