Remembering The Benoit Murders Three Years Later

It’s so strange that its been three years since the tragic events on June 25th 2007. Chris Benoit, his wife Nancy and young son Daniel were all found dead in their Atlanta home that day. initially the WWE decided to dedicate the entire episode of Monday Night Raw to Chris’ twenty plus year career of entertaining audiences all over the globe. However after the heartfelt tribute show, I remember logging onto Wrestling Observer and getting the news that Chris had murdered his family then killed himself. When I got that news I was completely floored…it never crossed my mind the entire time that Chris Benoit would be capable of those acts. In the spring of 1999 I had met Chris and Nancy along with many other wrestlers from WCW, ECW and WWF at the Brian Pillman Memorial show in Cincinnati. Which made the whole thing even more surreal…I had my picture taken with a murderer and the person he murdered. I still think about the events every once in a while, and wonder what Chris might be doing now in the wrestling biz if he was still around. It’s hard for me to watch Benoit matches anymore, which sucks because he was among one of my favorites before the acts committed on June 25th 2007.

There isn’t much more known about Chris’ mindset that night, whether or not he was mentally impaired or had a fit of roid rage.  It doesn’t really matter…ultimately he committed the crime.  Using his mental state as an explaination doesn’t excuse anything.  The bottomline is a man killed his wife and seven year old little boy…no explanations are needed.

This article is dedicated to Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit. Chris I hope you’re in a special layer of Hell for doing what you did on that day…its unforgiveable and your legacy is forever tarnished and (rightfully so) erased from the record books!


4 Responses to Remembering The Benoit Murders Three Years Later

  1. chis says:

    I know what yor saying wes i liked him to but no more he was not happy that is fine but to kill his family thats just crazy. he did not want nobody else to have his wife and son so he took there life. i hope he is burning in hell to.

  2. Robert Titus says:

    This article shows a lack of understanding so damn large that it could engulf the world many times over. Chris may have killed(& I use may for a very important reason…. I think Keven Sullivan did it… but nevertheless) his family (which I in no way condone) but when a man has a brain as fucked up as his was (I mean look at the doctors reports) then can you not at least understand it? He probably had not clue as to what he was doing until far after the deed was done… hence the suicide.

  3. Robert Titus says:

    Nice way to delete my comment… I guess you can’t handle anybody else’s point of view. I would start making fun of you as retaliation, but quite frankly that is beneath me.

  4. Comments are approve only on here to avoid spam…if I’m beneath you then why are you posting on my site? LOL j/k

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