Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

Most wrestling fans lost interest in anything NWA by the end of the 80’s, sure the promotion is technically still around but is about as relevant as a mongoloid dipping its head in a bucket of shit nowadays.  For some bizarre reason in 1998 the WWF decided to work hand in hand with the National Wrestling Alliance for an angle involving Jim Cornette who was pushing the company as a league for classic wrestling.  Jeff Jarrett (who’s never been over his entire career) was the NWA North American Champion while The New Midnight Express was the NWA Tag Team Champions. The New Midnight Express consisted of ‘Bodacious’ Bob Holly and ‘Bombastic’ Bart Gunn.  Yes…this was bad, and I’ll give credit that the WWF at the time didn’t let this insanely retarded concept go on too long.  After about 4 months the new Midnights in addition to all references of the NWA were out the door.  However for those awful, painful 4 months I must name The New Midnight Express THE Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week!  PS: The NWA is STILL around…technically!


One Response to Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

  1. Double T the legally blind referee says:

    Why all the hate on Bob Holly? He is one of the best workers to ever grace the squared circle.

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