Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

Fans of early 90’s WWF should remember this team Men On A Mission aka MOM which consisted of Mabel, Mo and Oscar. Debuting in the summer of 1993 the team was known for their rapping manager who would demand that the crowd ‘wave their hands in the air, and like they just don’t care’. The team surprisingly was over for a short while, but when their in ring skills…or lack their of didn’t match their colorful entrance the fan interest died off. In 1995 (one of the worst years for WWF) Mabel and Mo would turn on the beloved Oscar and become ultimate rap badguys which ultimately led to Mabel becoming King of the Ring that year and main eventing Summerslam in a world title match with Diesel. Soon Mo and Oscar would never been seen again (aside from uber small independent wrestling shows in Kentucky) and Mabel would become Viscera aka Big Daddy V and set the world on fire with his amazing wrestling skills for years to come…PSYCH!


One Response to Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

  1. double t the legally blind referee says:

    In a recent shoot interview ,Mabel revealed that him and Mo were originally supposed to be “Men from a Mission”. Yeah two homeless guys with blonde mohawks.

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