WCW Jobber Of The Week

Bobby Walker

I’m seeing a pattern here. This makes my third entry in a row where the person was managed by Teddy Long in WCW. I think you made some bad choices, Teddy. Anyway, if you don’t remember “Hardwork” Bobby Walker, don’t feel bad. Nobody really does. The man only had 4 matches in WCW that I know of, winning only 1 of them and that was against fellow jobber, Brad Armstrong. Perhaps Bobby Walker would’ve done better if he had stuck around longer when the Cruiserweight division was hot. He later sued WCW for racial discrimination. I think he should’ve sued them for making him a jobber.


2 Responses to WCW Jobber Of The Week

  1. retrowrestling says:

    LMAO… I remember Hardwork…barely. Wonder what the poor feller is doing now? Or if he’s still alive!?

  2. axl says:

    I remember Teddy Long promo-ing this kid a week or two in advance on WCW Saturday Nights. It wasn’t long after this before Teddy actually started managing Brad Armstrong.

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