Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

If you sneezed in 1991 you may have missed these idiots. Not to be confused with Del Wilkes’ ‘The Patriot’ this team hailed from WCW Special Forces and got over about as much as a nun at a Slayer concert. The Patriots consisted of Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip…Champion was obviously some sort of Corporal Kirshner/GI Joe ripoff, while Firebreaker Chip (one of the awfulest names in wrestling history) was…a fireman? WTF!?! The Patriots biggest claim to fame was winning the WCW United States Tag Team Championship. Horrible shit like this is partially what makes WCW from this era 1990-1993 so entertaining. Champion and Chip were both gone from WCW by 1992 and stunk up the independents for a few years before retiring and ridding the world of their awfulness!


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