Yeah… yeah…  I know…  This is a RETRO forum, but bare with me as I assure you that I will be getting there eventually.

You see, last Tuesday night I was watching the ‘season finale’ of NXT on SyFy, (stupid new name for cable tv’s Sci Fi Channel, but hey it’s still got all of those those ‘great’ originals like the ‘Ice Spiders’ movie, which has to be one of the biggest pieces of crap films that I have ever saw…)

But anyways, back to NXT.  You see I have actually really enjoyed this little experiment that the WWE has been doing over the past couple of months as it has given a group of relative newcomers (at least to the ‘E’) a chance to get some television time and attempt to make a name for themselves. 

In fact, I feel the show has been much more successful at developing the characters of the newcomers on the show, than say the few moments of air time someone that has been around for a while, say someone like Primo is getting on Superstars every week. 

Each and every week the NXT rookies are the focus of the show and I feel that several of the first season participants will go on to have careers in the WWE as time goes on.  I mean, just look at the old ‘Diva Search’ contests in which most every eliminated participant eventually found her way into ‘the show’ at some time or another.    

So here I was, watching NXT, awaiting the announcement of eventual winner Wade Barrett, and as this is going on they are hyping the ‘new season’ of NXT, which would be starting next week. 

Throughout the course of the show they showed highlight packages of the next crop of rookies to be participating on the show and from the very beginning it was clear that some of these guys were getting stuck with names that conjure images of awful name suggestions from years gone by such as ‘Chilly McFreeze’ and ‘Mason the Mutilator’. 

I mean, with names like Lucky Cannon and Eli Cottonwood, I really can’t see how the WWE expects some of these guys to be able to get over.  Then, they go for all of the odd rookie-mentor matchups on top of that, which only seems to further hamper the proceedings.  Cottonwood, after all, is a giant of a man, so wouldn’t it make more sense to have someone like Big Show mentor him as opposed to John Morrison?

All of this was fine and good and really wasn’t effecting any of my enjoyment of the program until the WWE went and did something that completely ‘blew my mind’ by introducing me to two third generation superstars…  Husky Harris and Michael McGillicutty.

What…  Never heard of them?

Me either, but right there on the screen in front of me were two elaborate video presentations informing me that Harris is the grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and son of Mike Rotunda, while McGillicutty is the son of ‘Mr. Perfect’ Curt Hennig.

Now, I’m not a genealogist or anything, but shouldn’t these guys freakin’ last names be ROTUNDA and HENNIG? 

How does this make any sense, common or otherwise, what-so-ever?  

I mean I understand if you want to toss a few developmental guys on the show and give them made up names and just throw them into the fray and see how they do.  NXT, after all, is more or less a worked game show, with every move being planned out in advance, and a far cry from the days of ‘Tough Enough’ on MTV. 

I would even understand taking one of these second or third generation guys and tossing them into the mix under and ‘assumed name’ to see if they could get over on their own merrit, as opposed to any value that their famous last names might bring them, but if that was the case then why on earth would you proudly promote on your show who these guy’s fathers and grandfathers were?

While Harris is relatively unknown to ‘the WWE Universe’, the case of Hennig makes far less sense as he has already been seen as Joe Hennig on a number of WWE productions, including his father’s Hall of Fame acceptance speech and ‘the Life and Times of Mr. Perfect’ DVD.  Joe, even had a match on Smackdown in 2007 and you would have to figure that the Hennig name would be far more marketable in creating a new star than anyone named ‘insert randomly generated generic name here’.   

It just doesn’t make any sense to me and now I am going to try to stop thinking about it before my head EXPLODES! 

The new season of NXT begins next Tuesday night on SyFy at 9 p.m. CST.  Please give Mr. ahem Harris and Mr. ahem McGillicutty your support.



2 Responses to NXT…WTF???

  1. Dustyn says:

    Yeah that doesnt make any since at all why wwe would change names for people that has a awesome wrestling history background and stuff I feel sorry for these guys damn it wwe wake up from ur damn dream this isnt 1993 to 1995 gosh worst gimmicks ever lol

  2. Chris says:

    My guess is that by giving them trademarkable names, it eliminates their usage of those names if they become big and then leave the WWE. There is nothing wrong with them competing elsewhere as themselves, but they would not be able to use their WWE names.

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