new WWE dvd purchases

Browsing on Ebay is an unhealthy hobby in so many ways, but sometimes you can get some really amazing deals on there. Recently I picked up this lot of dvds containing Wrestlemania 21-24 (all 3 disc sets), Summerslam 06 and One Night Stand 06 for around $40 shipped. All of these were sealed as well so that sweetened the deal for me even more.

For anyone who knows me they may be asking ‘Why did you buy these?’ because I do own the ppv recordings of all of these particular events. Oddly enough the main reason I wanted these were for the WWE Hall of Fame shows which are on the 3rd respective disc in each of the Mania sets. It also doesn’t hurt that One Night Stand includes the entire ECW Barely Legal ppv from 1997.

Until a week or so ago I had never seen an entire Hall of Fame induction, that is until I popped in the blu-ray from the 2008 induction ceremony. The show as a whole was very entertaining and informative as I saw various inductions and inductees including The Nature Boy Ric Flair who was thanking everyone from the cameramen to the ladies who made his expensive ring robes.

So being the anal retard I am I had to start getting more of these, I had already had the event from this year which to me was a major let down…with the only interesting inductions coming from The Hart Family and maybe Ted Dibiase. However I definitely want to check out the 2005 show which is on the Wrestlemania 21 set and includes inductions of Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Nicholai Volkoff, Mr. Wonderful and others. So yeah I’m excited and I just can’t hide it…oh yeah watch for a ECW Barely Legal Retro Wrestling Night coming REAL SOON!!

PS: I have an extra copy of Wrestlemania XXIV for anyone who’s interested let me know


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