Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

Unbelievably this was a real tag team, I had thankfully forgot all about them until scanning YouTube recently.  The tag team was Lo Down with D’lo Brown and Chaz Warrington aka Headbanger Mosh aka Beaver Cleavage.  They were managed by Tiger Ali Singh the son of Tiger Jeet-Singh, who hilariously enough was a bigger piece of shit than either Brown or Warrington.  After aligning with Singh the duo (ridiculously enough) began wearing robes and turbans in blaring NEON colors.  Anyway Lo Down didn’t do much other than a few matches on WWF Sunday Night Heat as well was WWF Metal and lasted a little under six months together after a split at the 2001 Royal Rumble event.  Warrington and Singh were soon released thereafter as D’lo was repackaged as a singles competitor!


One Response to Craptastic Tag Team Of The Week

  1. Double T the legally blind referee says:

    Sure the gimmick sucked. But D-lo and Chaz were a great tag team that got royally screwed by the bookers.

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