Wrestling Sleaze Pt. 1

Here’s a list of wrestling stories from behind the scenes that I collected from other sites. Keep in mind that I did not make any of this up, I have no idea if any of this is true, and it is solely for entertainment purposes. I didn’t create any of these stories, nor do I vouce for their validity in any way….they’re just stories that I found amusing from other sites:

  1. Tommy Rich soaked his balls in a beer mug full of hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Kerry Von Erich really had his foot amputated because he thought he could walk across a room on his just-surgically repaired foot for a cheeseburger, thus crushing it.
  3. A coked up Kerry and Kevin were once playing with a saw blade in the back hallways at the Sportatorium. Kerry saw a cat, so he threw the saw blade at the cat, killing it.
  4. R&R Express walk in on Jimmy Valiant laying on the floor jerking off under a glass table that a hooker is shitting on. Ricky throws up and leaves, while Robert stays to watch.
  5. Manny Fernandez took a dump in “Number One” Paul Jones brand-new Stetson hat, put it back in the hat box on the airplane, like nothing happened, and went to sit back by Jones for the remainder of the flight.
  6. Superstar Graham once injected Clorox on a dare.
  7. Jimmy Snuka killed his girlfriend and played the innocent savage in front of the police while Vince did the talking for him.
  8. Butch Reed has pissed on the carpet and/or furniture of every motel he’s ever stayed in.
  9. Apparently after Lawler first arrived in the good old WWF a lot of people disliked him for his general arrogant attitude. Hall, Nash, and Michaels didn’t take to this too well, so at one of the Royal Rumbles, Lawler left his crown in the dressing room to do the Rumble. So the Kliq decided to shit in his crown. But apparently this wasn’t like a couple of turds in the crown. They apparently filled King’s precious crown to the brim with a nice, hearty Kilq shit.
  10. Scott Hall took a dump in Sunny’s lunch on a tour of Germany in the spring of 1996.
  11. Lita has been pissed on by Steve Corino and Danny Doring.
  12. Kevin Von Erich, once paid a hooker to break in a then 11 year old Chris von Erich. Supposedly, Chris even cried during the act.
  13. According to a referee who was released from the WWF, Bradshaw tied up a wrestler in the shower while he was naked and rubbed baby oil all over him threatening to rape him until he cried while the lockerroom looked on and laughed. I think the victim might have date-raped a girl, or may have just not been well-liked. It was never specified who the victim was other than this happened in like ’98 or ’99 and the guy was a fairly well known wrestler, I also heard it might have been Brian Christopher aka Grandmaster Sexay.
  14. Remember when David Flair quit IWA Puerto Rico due to unfit living conditions? And everybody ragged on him when they found out IWA had put him up in a nice house? Well, that nice house belonged to Victor Quiones. I shouldn’t have to say anymore, but I will. David was sleeping one night and was woken up by Quiones standing over him about to blow a load on his face. David quit the next day.
  15. Macho Man had his way with Stephanie (she was about 14 then) back in 94/95 and that Vince found out and that was the true ending for Macho Man in WWF.
  16. Sabu kicking a bag down some stairs and all around the lockerroom and then opens the bag and a cat comes out. All the while Sabu has an “I love cats” t-shirt or something like that.

3 Responses to Wrestling Sleaze Pt. 1

  1. BuZzKiLL says:

    LMAO, I’ve never heard any of these stories before…they’re all pretty insane. If you want to hear some wild rumors you should check out Billy Jack Hayes’ shoot interview.

  2. Double T the legally blind referee says:

    These all seem to come from a “wrestling sleaze stories” thread that was on Death Valley Driver video review a few years back. The same stories were used in a shoot interview were Honky Tonk Man and Raven went over the list telling which ones are true and which were false.

    The one that isn’t above and it remember the most is the story of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and his Dildo Blender.

  3. Guest says:

    There are some good Trish stories here : trishstratusslut.blogspot.com

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